Liam Hemsworth talks new thriller 'Paranoia'


Cellphones, hidden microphones and surveillance cameras are just part of our whole new high-tech world. And it's a world Hemsworth and his fiancee, Miley Cyrus, know well, like it or not.

"I do have a weird little voice in the back of my head that wherever I am I wonder if I'm being photographed or not," he said. "This film gives a big insight into the world we're living in now, and I think makes people a little more aware of how un-private things become."

Hemsworth plays a talented engineer who gets lured into a game of corporate espionage. And while he enjoys the benefits this lifestyle affords him, he also becomes a pawn between two moguls, played by Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman.

His character may be a high-tech whiz, but in real life - not so much.

"You know when I first became a part of this project I decided to get a bunch of old phones and take them apart and see what I could do. I just took them apart and that was about it. I couldn't really put them back together or anything else," he said.

Hemsworth lights up the screen again later this year when he reprises his role in the "Hunger Games" sequel, "Catching Fire."

"I love jumping into different characters, from 'Hunger Games,' where he's a strong character and really fights for what he believes in," he said. "I love acting, I love making movies, its good fun."

"Paranoia" hits theaters Friday.

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