Herbalist reveals kitchen items that heal


Power vinegars offer a bit of medicinal properties with that good taste.

"They're medicinal, and they're absolutely yummy and tasty. And they're easy, and they're things that people have in their houses," Chana said.

She says it also increases circulation, so it's great for people who are cold or feel like they have a cold coming on.

"It really helps stabilize blood sugar levels. It actually also helps with arthritic pain," Chana said.

Vinegar on its own is a good cleaning agent, but when combined with herbs and produce, it makes a great salad dressing, marinade or daily tonic that can be taken in teaspoon form.

Fire vinegar, for example, has garlic, onion, pepper and cayenne to heat up circulation. Or try a milder vinegar infused with dill and onions to aid digestion and reduce inflammation. Rosemary can also be added to help circulation as well.

"If people don't feel good with apple cider vinegar, my next choice would be a rice vinegar," Chana said.

Chana puts the ingredients in apple cider vinegar. After 48 hours, it's ready for use. Beyond two weeks, you can strain it and store in the fridge. The longer you have it, the stronger it will become.

Two interesting ingredients to add to your medicine cabinet are French green clay and yuana payo, a Chinese powder. Both have great antimicrobial properties.

French green clay is great for kitchen burns, diaper rashes and mosquito bites, Chana said, while yuana payo powder can "coagulate the blood instantly."

Both are found at health food stores and online for under $10.

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