Kristin Chenoweth sings at the Hollywood Bowl


"I'm at the Hollywood Bowl so I'm doing Hollywood movie musical songs," says Kristin.

But that's not all! Kristin is returning to the Bowl in a solo show featuring songs from her film, TV and Broadway successes. Plus some personal favorites, and some of the greats.

"I hope to take people on a wonderful musical journey but also a journey of the heart," said Kristin. "I think music truly is my gift."

Kristin says she's been working really hard on this show, and she's nervous. Luckily she feels right at home on this stage.

"I've played the Bowl several times and I look out at it and I just look at the trees and the mountains and the L.A. Phil's behind me. I don't think it gets much better than that," says Kristin.

Or could it? The singer and actress hinted there's more to come in her career.

"You heard it here first: I'm moving into new directions in the business -- writer and producer -- that will all be revealed soon," says Kristin.

Kristin also says she will always go back to Broadway. And in a way she'll go there in her Hollywood Bowl show too, singing from her Tony-nominated role in "Wicked."

Kristin knows the Bowl is a big place, and she says she has extra love for people in those last rows.

"To me, they're the most fun," says Kristin. "They probably saved their money to come and they're sitting at the back and they're happy to be here, just happy to be here and they're the most fun, so I'll be performing for them. Not that the rich people down front aren't nice. I like them too, but I prefer the people in the back since I was one of them."

Kristin's at the Bowl Friday and Saturday nights.

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