San Diego Mayor Bob Filner's mediation session continues


Several reporters spotted an SUV they believe was carrying Filner to mediation talks. But the mayor refused to say a word publicly.

City leaders confirm Filner is taking part in mediation hearings at a San Diego hotel. Also present is Irene McCormack Jackson, who alleges Filner sexually harassed her while she worked as his press secretary. Sources say the mayor's possible resignation is being discussed at the meetings.

"The mediation is ongoing and we're not going to comment on it at request of the mediator," said San Diego City Attorney Jan Goldsmith.

Sixteen women have publicly accused the mayor of inappropriate behavior. A small group rallied to the mayor's defense on Monday, but 81 percent of San Diegans in a recent poll want the mayor to leave office.

Recall petitioners say they now have 4,000 of the needed 102,000 signatures to put the question before voters. Top Democratic female leaders like Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer have all publicly called for Filner's resignation, as has San Diego's Democratic Party.

We've just learned this week that CNN analyst Donna Brazile is bringing a resolution asking for Filner's resignation to the Democratic National Committee.

"Sexual harassment, again, is a form of sex discrimination. It's illegal, it's bad, it's reprehensible. These allegations? Sixteen women? I tell you, Bob Filner, who I used to know, needs to go," said Brazile.

President Barack Obama's spokesman was asked about the controversy Tuesday and whether the president is joining other Democratic leaders in asking for Filner's resignation. The spokesman said the president hasn't "weighed in" on the issue yet.

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