Simi Valley shooting suspect identified, new details emerge


Police shot and killed 29-year-old Ryan Carnan on Saturday. Carnan's brother told police Carnan confessed to fatally shooting their mother. Neighbors heard the gunfire early Saturday night and saw smoke rising from the home.

Carnan fled on a tractor down a hill and took aim at a bicyclist riding by. Officials say he missed but continued shooting at people throughout the neighborhood.

When Simi Valley police arrived on scene, Carnan actively opened fire on them. That's when police shot and killed him.

"When the officers located him on the 500 block of Azure Hills Drive, it was all the more dangerous situation because he had already displayed that desire and willingness to utilize his firearm at law enforcement, innocent bystanders and the community at large," said Simi Valley police Cmdr. Stephanie Shannon.

Officers recovered Carnan's handgun. No neighbors or officers were injured during the shooting rampage. Neighbors described Carnan as having a glazed look during the entire ordeal.

"He just stared at me with this really weird look on his face, and then he drove by," said Norm Trevena.

Carnan was an Army veteran who had been stationed in Korea in the past. Police say they were called to the family's home three times regarding his mental health, the most recent in July 2008.

Meantime, the family is trying to cope as they plan two funerals for Carnan and his mother, Sally Carnan. She worked in the attendance office at Santa Susana High School.

"We're just collectively, as a group, supporting them, helping them out with cleaning up and doing whatever needs to get done. Really, they just need some time to cope with this," family friend Brandon Lyman said.

The school community at Santa Susana High is preparing for the start of a new school day, without a familiar face in the office.

"Absolutely a sweet lady, great heart, would do anything for you. She's just awesome, a good mom, everything about her was great, everyone loved her," said Lyman.

Grief counselors are expected at the school Monday to support students and staff.

The motive for the murder remains unknown. The police are looking into where Carnan got the gun he used in the rampage. It remains unclear how the suspect allegedly killed his mother and what led up to the chain of events that unfolded.

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