'Drinking Buddies' raises glass to friendship and its complications


Two best friends and their significant others belly up to the bar for the brewery-based comedy "Drinking Buddies." Olivia Wilde and Jake Johnson play best pals who are more than comfortable with one another.

While the title may make this sound like a racy comedy, "Drinking Buddies" actually tackles some pretty heavy relationship issues.

"It's as much of a drama as it is a comedy and there's a lot of laughs in there, but it's a serious movie," said Johnson.

"Warning would maybe be don't go with your best friend that you're secretly in love with, or do if you want the conversation to happen," said Wilde.

"Our director really tried to make an honest movie, and so rather than do necessarily moves that you would expect to see in a movie he just tried to do what would actually happen with these four human beings," said Wilde.

One technique director Joe Swanberg utilizes to guide the characters through this tangled web of love and friendship: lots of improvisation. And there was another element that helped move the journey along: beer. Plenty of beer.

"Our director wanted us to drink real beer," said Johnson. "Made it kind of amazing. And my director would say 'Hey man, what's going on?' He goes 'What kind of beer do you want?'"

"Good morning. What breakfast beer would you like?," said Wilde.

Ron Livingston and Anna Kendrick round out the "Drinking Buddies" foursome, with Jason Sudeikis in a supporting role.

The film is rated "R."

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