Cool Kid volunteers at Museum of Tolerance


"In 10, 20 years, there won't be Holocaust survivors anymore. So I think we really do need to teach others, inform others and give the future generations the knowledge of what happened," said Tiffany.

The museum goes beyond the Holocaust. Its exhibits teach about the global dangers of prejudice and hate. Tiffany says there's a great need for the tolerance the museum promotes.

"Globally, we continue to see instances of genocide and far too many hate crimes that are motivated by race, gender, class, and the list goes on. There are exhibits here that do teach you about that," said Tiffany.

The subject of the Holocaust can be difficult and intense, but tiffany has the dedication and other qualities it takes to volunteer at the museum.

"She really is very compassionate. She's very caring and she wants to make a difference," said Elana Samuels, director of the museum's volunteer services.

Tiffany is much more than a tour guide. She truly wants people to learn.

"Really, we need to be informed, and I think knowledge is necessary. Teaching others is a responsibility that I've chosen to embrace," said Tiffany.

Tiffany Farshi is sharing lessons from the past and bringing them to the present day to make the world a more tolerant and understanding place for all.

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