Kristen Bell talks teen affair in 'The Lifeguard'


An early mid-life crisis takes a woman back to her adolescence in the dramatic comedy. Kristen Bell plays a New York reporter who leaves the city, moves back in with her parents and takes a job as a lifeguard.

But her "break" from the real world takes a scandalous and dangerous turn when she has an affair with a minor. He's an emotionally troubled teenage boy. I asked her if there are moments in the film where I should feel a little creeped out.

"There are creepy moments, but those moments are also beautiful and arousing and, uh, creepy. I'll bring it on back to creepy," Bell replied.

Along the way, old high school friends, including one played by Mamie Gummer, get in touch with their own inner teens.

"I think everybody has their own journey, and I think that she needed to kind of let something out of her system and be reckless and be wild," said Gummer.

But the one most tangled in Bell's regressive journey is her young secret lover, played by David Lambert from the ABC family show, "The Fosters."

"Going in to know that I'm going to be sort of having this dangerous relationship with a kid who's going to be playing 16 and is actually 19 was nerve-wracking for me, and I couldn't have picked a better partner," said Bell.

Another thing that was out of her comfort zone was wearing that red lifeguard bathing suit.

"I don't have the frame to wear that kind of a suit and feel great about it. I do love one-pieces. I would have preferred a padded upper area, if I'm being honest," said Bell.

For many reasons, including strong sexuality and drug use, "The Lifeguard" is rated R.

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