West Hollywood begins enforcing new extended parking meter hours


The new hours have actually been in place for about a month, but full enforcement started Tuesday.

Electronic signs have been put up, warning drivers to read the parking signs carefully because in some places they'll have to pay their meters until midnight.

Sunset Boulevard, Santa Monica Boulevard, Beverly Boulevard, Melrose Avenue and Doheny Drive are the streets that are affected by the extended parking meter hours.

City officials say they have decided to do this to better serve their community. They say by extending meter hours, they'll be able to free up more meters in the evening, and in turn, there will be better traffic circulation throughout the city and less greenhouse gas emissions because fewer cars will be circling around for parking.

The city also believes these new meter times will help control prices at private parking lots as well because fewer people will have to drive around hunting for parking.

People who work in West Hollywood will be the biggest beneficiaries from these new meter hours since they're going to have more affordable parking options.

The city says it's using the extra money from the meters to hire more sheriff's deputies and private security patrols in West Hollywood.

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