Woman found dead under Newport Beach Bay Bridge identified


Family members say 28-year-old Nancy Hammour was trying to turn her life around, but she didn't get the chance to make a change. The mother of two was found shot to death under the Bay Bridge in Newport Beach.

Her body was spotted by a person walking near the bridge at Dover Drive and Pacific Coast Highway Monday morning.

Hammour's sister and brother received the devastating news on Tuesday.

"I don't understand why. She really didn't have a bad bone in her body where she would want bad done unto others," said Yara Hayak, the victim's sister.

Hayak says her sister has a 12-year-old son being raised by his grandmother and a 4-month-old son who was placed in child protective services. Hayak says Hammour was trying to regain custody of her baby.

"She was going down the wrong road and she had lost her baby and she was trying to do all the classes and courses that was asked by the courts so she can get her baby back, and one of them was to have a stable place," said Hayak.

They were supposed to go apartment hunting this week. The last time Hayak spoke to her sister was on Sunday and she says Hammour seemed fine. As police search for the person who killed the 28-year-old, her family is left with many unanswered questions.

"We just want to know why. Why do it?" asked Rene Morales, Hammour's brother.

The Orange County Coroner's Office says an autopsy will not take place Tuesday and has not been scheduled.

Anyone with information about this case was asked to contact Detective Ryan Peters at (949) 644-3779 or the Newport Beach Police Department's hotline at (800) 550-NBPD.

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