Arleta residents warned of violent prowler


In the most recent incident, the suspect attacked a 54-year-old woman lying on her couch. Shortly before midnight on Monday, the woman was resting on her couch after she finished her laundry, when the prowler entered the home and grabbed her groin area. When she fought back, the suspect punched her repeatedly in the face and left the home.

Investigators noted two similar incidents since Aug. 30. The first one occurred only a few doors down from the recent attack in the 13600 block of Bracken Street. A woman was in bed when she heard a noise outside her window past midnight. She didn't think anything of it and fell back asleep. When she woke up again, she saw the figure of a thin man standing inside her bedroom. When she screamed, the suspect dove out the window head first.

Just 20 hours later a few blocks south, a man was getting ready for bed in the 9400 block of Nagle Avenue when he heard his side gate rattle. When he went to investigate, he saw a flashlight shine through a window and a man trying to get inside. The homeowner called out in Spanish, "Who are you?" The suspect replied back in Spanish, "I am the police."

The homeowner held his sliding door closed as the prowler tried to force his way in. Eventually, the suspect gave up, jumped a wall, and the resident said he heard a car engine start and drive away.

Detectives say what concerns them most is that the suspect's actions are becoming bolder. The suspect was described as a Hispanic man with a thin build, about 5 feet 10 inches tall. In one case, he was seen wearing a baseball cap with "NY" on it, and he was also described as wearing a leather jacket.

If you have any information about these cases, you're urged to contact the Los Angeles Police Department's Mission detectives at (818) 838-9969 or Crimestoppers at (800) 222-TIPS.

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