Cool Kid teaches kids how to play violin


"In 10th grade, I wanted to do more with my violin, so I just started looking around to see if there were any communities that needed music programs," said Andrea.

These days, there are many children who don't have access to the same music programs. But now they have Andrea.

"These kids don't have an opportunity like me. And I wanted to give them the same opportunity that I had," said Andrea.

Learning to play the violin isn't easy. But Andrea's patience and expertise help kids handle those difficulties. At the same time, they learn lessons for life.

"Don't give up even if something is really hard. Have confidence in yourself and just keep trying. Put effort into your work and what you do," said Andrea.

Andrea donates her time and talent. But she feels these young musicians give her something back in return.

"Every time the kids come in, they practice. I just love when I see their faces and their

eyes light up when they learn something new and they finally get it," said Andrea.

For Cool Kid Andrea Hernandez, it's more than helping kids discover the joy of playing music; it's helping them discover what they're capable of.

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