Diana Nyad's triumphant SoCal homecoming


Friends, celebrities and complete strangers made the trek to the airport Thursday night to greet the returning Nyad.

The flight wasn't much of a trek compared to Nyad's 53 hours in the water to become the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage.

Nyad revealed that the three days in the water were bad, but the nights were worse.

"Those 13 hours were absolute hell. I just suffered with the salt water and not being able to breathe above the waves. The second night was mental. I went into deep hallucinations," Nyad described.

What's next for the 64-year-old? Nyad plans to swim for 48 hours straight next month, accompanied by celebrities swimming laps alongside her.

It will be in a specially designed swimming pool in New York City to raise money for Hurricane Sandy survivors.

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