Groom's hidden camera captures wedding from his point of view


Michael Kammes is a technology consultant to the entertainment industry. When he and bride Kate Miller Kammes got married last month, he wanted to try something, well, geeky.

"I decided to shoot our wedding from my perspective," he said.

He did that by taping a camera to his glasses.

"I was like, 'OK.' He seemed really excited about it, so sure, I let him run with it," said Kate.

As Michael points out, it was a tiny camera.

"I didn't want my new bride's family to think I'm insane," said Michael.

His wedding day contraption yielded a high definition groom's point of view video, showing what the day looked like from his eyes.

"So many people are focused on the bride that this gives yet another angle because it is all about focused on the bride," he said.

Apparently it's a view the world is enjoying. The video has since gone viral with more than 200,000 hits on YouTube. It's quite a shock to the Tujunga newlyweds.

"I thought, again, my mom would watch it 150 times and no one else would see it," said Kate.

The hidden camera at the wedding came off well before the honeymoon suite. But being married to a video technology guy does create a whole new set of concerns for the new bride.

"With technology getting progressively better and cameras getting smaller, it will be harder to spot the next camera he's wearing," she said with a laugh.

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