'Wonder Woman' attacked on Hollywood Boulevard, 'Superman' steps in


The character impersonators, Jennifer Wenger and Christopher Dennis, say they were attacked by a cowboy boot-wearing transient.

The boulevard is full of character impersonators who pose with tourists for tips. The two were not attacked while taking pictures. They were taping an episode of "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

The assault happened in front of the Roosevelt Hotel. The victims said the attacker jumped up and starting running after them.

"She got in my face and she flipped my lip, and then punched me in the face," said Wenger.

That's when Superman jumped in.

"I'm then reflecting all of her boot throws. She actually hits Wonder Woman again with a boot. I reflected it and it just kind of ricocheted off my arm and hit her in the face," said Dennis.

The attacker even threatened the victims.

"She told me that both me and Superman would be dead by tomorrow," said Wenger.

It was a threat that wasn't taken lightly, especially after a fatal stabbing in June at the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue -- a popular tourist spot. A transient allegedly killed a Lynwood woman after she refused to give a dollar for snapping a picture of the man and two others.

On Friday, Wonder Woman took the high road when she was attacked by a transient, who is well-known on the boulevard for her unruly behavior.

"Thank you, Wonder Woman, for inspiring me to do the right thing and not hit that girl back. Because I was sitting there [thinking], 'What would Wonder Woman do?' She wouldn't hit the crazy lady," said Wenger.

Keeping with the superhero spirit and wanting the best for the citizens they protect, Wonder Woman and Superman said they are still on the fence about pressing charges. But if they do, they said they are going to ask the judge to not give the transient jail time, but get her some psychiatric help.

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