5-year-old piano prodigy masters Beethoven's sonata in 3 weeks


Jacob Velasquez, who's sometimes referred to as mini Mozart or baby Beethoven, began playing when he was barely 4 years old. His mother, Tina Velasquez, was in the kitchen when she heard music coming from the other room. She thought it was her husband and was stunned when she realized it was her little boy.

"I hear the song that Willie was playing the night before and I thought, is Willie home?" said Tina Velasquez. "And I came in here and said, 'Jacob, oh my gosh, that's you?'"

Soon after, Jacob learned to read music, and even managed to learn Beethoven's sonata in just three weeks. He doesn't even have to look at the music anymore because he has a photographic memory.

So Tina and Willie Velasquez had Jacob audition for the National Musicians Guild; a performance his dad says he nailed right away.

"He had to learn 10 classical pieces all by memory, and so he did. And he did great," said Willie Velasquez. "He did amazing actually. He exceeded the expectations."

Jacob's music teacher says he is able to master songs in just one class that other students take a month to learn.

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