Diana Nyad's navigator denies cheating claims


Ali Ehrlich says the allegations are absolutely false because she was always surrounded by people and always being watched. There were divers searching for jellyfish, kayakers who were feeding her and independent observers.

Ehrlich says she never grabbed onto the boat or got into the boat during the 103-mile swim.

Fellow long-distance swimmers crunched the numbers based on GPS, saying her speeds briefly rocketed up, at one point faster than an Olympic speed swimmer. There are other questions.

"What her crew reported to be a 7.5-hour stretch on the second night of her swim where she neither consumed any calories or any liquids, went without feeding and drinking, and I think most experienced marathon swimmer look at that and think it's impossible," said marathon swimmer Evan Morrison.

Shark boat captain Marlin Scott says he believes Nyad did not cheat.

"I never saw Diana Nyad come out of the water. I saw her swim every time I woke up, she was swimming. Every time I went back and laid down for a little while, she was swimming. She was in the water the whole time. I believe it, 100 percent," Scott said.

Nyad will hold a closed-door meeting Tuesday with those who say she was dishonest about her swim.

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