Case with Tom Hanks as juror has surprise ending


The trial had been going on for a couple of days with Hanks serving his civic duty. If convicted, the defendant was facing up to a year in jail.

But the prosecutor informed the court one of his colleagues, who was not involved in the case, had spoken to Hanks, and contact with a juror is not allowed.

"I think she just was maybe a little star-stricken, and what she did is she made contact with him around noontime, I think it was yesterday, when he was in the stairwell, and she approached him and said, 'I want to thank you for doing service because if someone with your celebrity status is going to do service, it shows everyone how important it is, and everyone should do it,'" said defense attorney Andrew Flier. "So I understand the concept. She should have waited. There's no excuse."

After that, they cut a deal. His client pleaded no contest to disturbing the peace. He was fined $150.

The city attorney's office says it is reviewing the case.

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