Hugh Jackman plays desperate father in 'Prisoners'


Jake Gyllenhaal plays a cop on the case. Jackman, Maria Bello, Viola Davis and Terrence Howard are their distraught parents.

Jackman's character decides to take matters into his own hands.

"On one side, it's a classic genre thriller, edge-of-your seat, sort of suspenseful drama. But it's also so much more than that. Beyond that, it makes you think about it for a long time after," Jackman said.

Bello says the audience should expect to be disturbed.

"Expect that you are going to think things and feel things and ask questions of yourself that you probably haven't for a long time or maybe ever," Bello said.

"The tornado at the end of this movie will strip you down to what you're made of," Howard said.

"Prisoners" opens Sept. 20. The movie is rated R.

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