Pit bull 'Indy' almost ready for adoption after burned by fireworks


Authorities say someone strapped fireworks to a young pit bull named Indy on Fourth of July and lit him on fire as a prank. Amazingly, Indy survived.

A Good Samaritan found him in a Winnetka alley and brought him to a local shelter. But Indy's injuries were traumatic and extensive. He had to be rushed to Westlake Village Animal Hospital.

"He had really bad third-degree burn wounds throughout his body, mostly on his legs. His paws were really badly burned," said Dr. Daniel Slaton of Westlake Village Animal Hospital. "He had to go through multiple surgeries, skin grafts and everything."

But today, Indy's story continues. With his tail wagging and his tongue working overtime, Indy is just days away from going on the adoption list. Monday is the target date.

"He's got a couple ... wounds that are just not closed yet, but he's almost done," Slaton said.

But paying for all that work is not done. The Start Rescue organization is looking to donations to help pay off the huge cost of bringing Indy back.

"The vet has been wonderful with working with us on cost, but it was four surgeries, and it's been two months," said Wendy Bogdan of Start Rescue.

As for the person who burned Indy, the LAPD has released a surveillance photo of the truck used to dump the dog in the alley between Kittridge and Hamlin streets. Police are offering a $15,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

"He's such an affectionate and happy guy, so he'll be a great addition to any home," Bogdan said.

If you would like to adopt Indy or donate for his care, visit http://startrescue.org/.

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