'Touchy Feely' opens in limited release


Rosemarie DeWitt stars as a free-spirited massage therapist who develops an uncontrollable aversion to human touch.

While she suddenly has trouble with her job and her relationships, her brother, a shy and assuming dentist played by Josh Pais, develops some sort of healing powers. And now, he's the one who has come out of his shell.

"This movie is about aliveness," Pais said. "For my character in particular, it's somebody who is very shut down, and throughout the course of the events that happen in the movie, he is forced to come to life in his own life. And I think that is something we all want."

DeWitt worked with the director Lynn Shelton in the 2011 film "Your Sister's Sister." She appreciates the director's unique filmmaking style.

"I like the way Lynn looks at the world, like the lens that she looks through, because on one hand, it's very subtle. It's sort of the things that things that people miss. But it can also contain ... a wild premise. But I think that she fills it in with a lot of humanity."

"Touchy Feely" also stars Ellen Page and Allison Janney. It's playing now at the Sundance Sunset Cinemas, and it's also available on Video On Demand.

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