'Rush' tells story of rivalry between 2 Formula One drivers


In the film, Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl star as famed Formula One drivers James Hunt, the playboy of the circuit, and Niki Lauda, the methodical mastermind.

"I love playing characters that I partly envy. And I envy Niki for his fearlessness and straightforwardness," said Bruhl. "It was so accurate and it was intense, and it was not conventional. In the movie, you don't have a hero and a villain. Eventually, you like both of these guys."

Both men are very different.

"One was a mathematician and would absolutely calculate everything. He was disciplined. The other guy was visceral from the gut, head down, go for it, party, drink, smoke, women, whatever, indulging kind of everything," said Hemsworth. "It's a character drama. I think the film has tested highest amongst women who aren't Formula One fans and that says something about what it's about."

There is definitely drama and plenty of danger all spinning around two men who charted their own courses.

"They both had something the other didn't and vice versa. And, you know, that was kind of fascinating," said Hemsworth.

"Rush" is directed by Ron Howard. It opens in limited release this weekend.

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