Chino Hills fatal pursuit was part of child molestation probe


Police say they were trying to stop the driver of the white pickup truck Wednesday night. The driver ended up being thrown from the car after the vehicle crashed onto the 71 Freeway from a parking lot several hundred feet above the road on a hill.

During the chase, police say the suspect actually called family members and told them he was going to commit suicide. The suspect accelerated in the parking lot for about 450 feet and there is no indication he ever hit the brakes. It's unclear just how fast the driver was going.

The car cleared a fence at the bottom of the hill, tumbled over the center median and came to a stop on the northbound side of the 71 Freeway shortly after 11:30 p.m. The unidentified driver was ejected from the truck and killed.

Amazingly, no one else was hurt.

"I know a lot of people that use this freeway every day and he could have killed someone easily," said Dean Bentson, a Chino resident.

While residents shake their heads in disbelief, police continue with their investigation.

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