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OTRC: 'Revenge' season 3 spoilers: Emily VanCamp, Gabriel Mann talk love

'Revenge' stars Emily VanCamp and Gabriel Mann talk to OTRC.com about season 3 of the ABC show, which debuts on Sept. 29, 2013.

Emily VanCamp and Gabriel Mann are ready to heat things up in the Hamptons when their hit ABC primetime soap opera "Revenge" returns on Sunday, Sept. 29 for its highly-anticipated season 3 premiere.

Spoiler alert!

OTRC.com sat down with Emily VanCamp and Gabriel Mann to reveal secrets from the upcoming season. Check out the Q&A. Spoiler alert!

1. Who might we see coming this season? Are there new characters?

Gabriel Mann: "Karine Vanasse, who was amazing on "Pan Am." We've got Justin Hartley, who plays Victoria's, I keep calling him the 'secret son' but it's not so secret anymore I guess. And there's always a few other surprising people that show up but I think, the thrust of this year is really kind of keeping our core group of people."

Emily VanCamp: "Working with the people that we have, the people that are loved by the audience, I think we want to, you know, it's easy to get sort of wrapped up in all these other story lines, but I think people really want to see our core group kind of interact and what we all have in store for each other, so we're trying to kind of refocus it and ground it and keep it a little tighter this year."

2. When we talked before for season 1, you weren't always going to be in the Hamptons, and you were going to veer into New York City -- is that all changed because you found a nice home in the Hamptons?

Emily VanCamp: "I guess so. I mean, I loved the idea of moving it to Manhattan. I think for me, New York is such a sexy city, you know, and this show is full of that, the glamour and the glitz and the fashion. I always thought that would be a great backdrop for the show and kind of opens up a whole new world but, they built the stages so, I don't know if that's going to happen."

Gabriel Mann: "I think being in the Hamptons though, there probably will always be a little bit of a New York element and if we're going to sort of extend that world to like, Bangladesh, I don't know. You never know with her plans what she's going to get up to next. But as of right now, we're out of the boardroom and back to the beach, for the moment. It also feels like a lot of what people enjoy about the show is that it feels like vacation, it's what happens when you go to the beach, and obviously you incorporate other elements with that too. But it's sort of about that cocktail party banter and what she gets up to at any given party, which is always something and we start of right out of the gate with that."

3. Will either of you find true love this season?

Emily VanCamp: "I think Emily has two true loves really. We all know she doesn't love Daniel but we know that she loves Jack and we know that she loves Aiden, so I think that's kind of her inner-turmoil. I don't think there's room for anymore loves."

Gabriel Mann: "I fear for any one of Nolan's true loves because they all end up dead, so will he find them? Yes. Will they survive the season? It's hard to say."

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