Millennium Project: Ethics complaint filed concerning Raymond Chan


Opponents of the project have filed an ethics complaint concerning Los Angeles Building and Safety boss Raymond Chan. During the safety review, Chan's son was working for the law firm lobbying the city for the project.

"In our opinion, the question must be asked: Did the son's paid position with the Millennium's attorneys play a role in Mr. Chan's handling of the Millennium Project and its troubling earthquake issues?" said Robert Silverstein, project opponent.

Opponents maintain it is unsafe to build high-rise towers near Hollywood and Vine because of earthquake faults in the area. They are also concerned about traffic issues on nearby freeways.

Supporters insist safety will never be compromised and that the project will create hundreds of jobs. Mayor Eric Garcetti is among the supporters. He admits it doesn't look good, but he does point out the project is a long way from final approval. And if it does get done, it will get done legally.

"There are very strict laws on this that will cover not only any ethics issues, but also the seismic issues, and those will be adhered to," Garcetti said.

Opponents are now taking the fight to the city's ethics commission. They are also suing the city.

"Any processing of any approvals for this Millennium Project immediately be halted until that investigation has been completed, and a fully transparent process has been provided to the public," said Silverstein.

While both sides promise the law will be followed, the planned development will have to wait. And if opponents have their way, it will also have to change.

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