Thieves steal 3rd-row seats at car Simi Valley dealership


Dealership owner Steve Gaines says the theft happened two days ago. He said the third row in each SUV has two connecting seats, costing at least $1,000 a piece.

"Whoever did this obviously knew how to do it, and they did it quick," Gaines said.

Police say this is a growing problem. Because the third row seats in most SUVs come with a simple latch that you can lift to remove, it is an easy target for criminals.

The owner of the Simi Valley Buick dealership said early this year, third row seats were stolen from 16 of his new SUVs. He says he has since bought locks to secure the seats.

Investigators say that is a smart thing to do not only for dealerships, but for people who own the SUVs.

Police have no suspects in the break-in at the dealership. If you can help, call Simi Valley police at (805) 583-6950.

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