'Grey's Anatomy' actresses talk new season


Two of the show's longtime stars are already having fun: one with the mess surrounding her character, and the other with her work in the director's chair.

"Cali," the character Sara Ramirez plays on "Grey's Anatomy," is in for some upheaval this season.

"[She] just found out about this infidelity and is enraged, understandably so, devastated and doesn't hide it in the hospital," said Ramirez. "She's letting everybody know how she feels. And so, you know what? It might get worse before it gets better."

Things are better for Chandra Wilson. Besides being on the show since the beginning, Wilson's also directed it, including the season premiere's second hour.

"We move really smoothly as a group and it just feels really good. Actually, I'm getting really spoiled from working on my show, but I continue to be so grateful for that opportunity," said Wilson.

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