'Revenge' returns: Out of the boardroom, back to the beach


Has Emily Thorne quenched her thirst to destroy the Grayson family? No way!

The cast of "Revenge" is eager to plunge back into their third season of dirty deeds.

Emily VanCamp and Gabriel Mann say fans can expect things to return to a vibe more on par with season one.

"As of right now we are out of the boardroom and back to the beach," says Mann. "The thrust of this year is really keeping our core group of people."

"The people we have, that are loved by the audience we really want to, it's easy to get wrapped up in other storylines but I think people really want to see our core group interact, and what we all have in store for each other," says VanCamp.

"Less clutter, more revenge," says Mann.

Thorne and Victoria Grayson, played by Madeline Stowe, will continue their battle for Hamptons dominance.

And while power is important, they are all still looking for love.

Will either find true love this season do you think?

"I think Emily has two true loves. We all know she doesn't love Daniel, but we know that she loves Jack and we know that she loves Aiden. I think that's her kind of inner turmoil. I don't think there's room for any more loves," says VanCamp.

"I fear for any of Nolan's true loves because they all end up dead. Will he find them? Yes, will they survive the season? Hard to say," says Mann.

It's a night of all-new drama on Sunday with the season premieres of "Once Upon a Time" followed by "Revenge." Then at 10 p.m., catch the series premiere of the drama "Betrayal."

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