Michael Jackson trial: Conrad Murray's lawyer weighs in


"For him, every night is an eternity," said Murray's appeals lawyer Valerie Wass.

Wass says Murray has been following the five-month civil case in which jurors are asked if concert promoter AEG Live hired him, and if so, were they negligent in supervising him.

Wass believes the jury may get stuck on the second question on the verdict form, which is essential for the Jackson attorneys to prove to win the lawsuit. The question is: "Was Conrad Murray unfit or incompetent to perform the work for which he was hired?"

Wass say Murray's understanding of the work for which he was hired was to treat Jackson's dehydration after laborious performances.

"There was no mention of any sleep issues or addiction issues or addiction issues or anything like that. In fact my client has maintained all along that he did not know about Jackson's addiction and that Jackson kept that from him," said Wass.

Wass says Murray's record shows he was fit as an internist to provide basic medical care for Jackson and his family.

The Jackson attorneys assert that AEG created a conflict of interest for Murray and that they should have looked further into the doctor's financial background to find out he was in debt. Wass rejects that reasoning.

"What is the difference if you and I go into a doctor, and a doctor is having financial problems and the doctor recommends surgery? Should we question it because the doctor is having financial difficulties? We wouldn't know that," said Wass.

Speaking from jail, Murray maintains he did not deliver the fatal dose of propofol and that he wants the medical board to restore his license. Wass is appealing his conviction.

"I'm pretty certain that if his conviction is affirmed on appeal that he would lose his license. If that doesn't occur, then it will be a fight to prove that what happened was an aberration and not something that speaks of his entire history and ability as a doctor," said Wass.

Meantime, the jury has not reached a verdict in the wrongful death trial. Jurors return on Wednesday to continue deliberations.

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