Unruly passenger escorted off NY bound plane


It appears the man unleashed a verbal onslaught after being told by a flight attendant that they did not accept cash.

The incident occurred on a Virgin America flight. According to passengers, the man grabbed a bottle of wine from the flight attendant two hours into the flight.

Witnesses say he became agitated when he was told he could not pay with cash.

An off-duty California Highway Patrol officer happened to be on the plane and sat with the man until the plane landed safely at JFK.

Passengers say the man admitted to being drunk and also told them he smoked marijuana before the flight.

"Go buy me a bottle of Hennessey or something man, I need a drink", the man is heard saying in video footage. He never did get that bottle of Hennessey.

Once the plane landed in New York, he was escorted off by authorities without incident. The man was interviewed by Port Authority police in New York and released without any charges being filed.

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