Pierce College's visiting team locker room raided during game


Police responded to a disturbance call in the 6200 block of Winnetka Avenue where the school is located following a brazen break-in during Saturday's game.

Due to undergoing construction of Pierce College's John Sheppard Stadium, the visiting team's locker room is temporarily a bungalow with two doors and several windows with bars. The locker rooms doors were locked during the game.

West L.A. College football players say that when they came inside the bungalow during the first half of the game everything was fine. Some players even said they checked their bags to make sure nothing was taken. But when they returned after the second half of the football game, the room had been ransacked.

"We went to the locker room and the whole bungalow was a mess, backpacks flipped open, bags flipped open, phones gone," said theft victim Davion McGree.

Sgt. Michael Wolfe with the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department said the temporary locker room was locked by two doors.

"That's all there is to that building, just a back entrance and a front entrance but one of the doors was broken in," said Wolfe.

After learning of the theft, West L.A. players and Pierce College players become involved in a physical confrontation.

It remains unclear how entry was made into the bungalow but more than 30 players say they had items stolen. The suspect(s) made off with cash, cellphones, iPads and laptops. Some players also reported their car keys stolen.

The victims said that when they called their cellphones people claiming to be Pierce College football players answered and taunted them with stealing their stuff.

So far, no suspects have been named. Authorities say they do not know who is responsible for the thefts.

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department fingerprint technicians were requested, and detectives say they will be speaking with the victims to better determine exactly what property was stolen.

Officials say this is the second time there has been a break-in or robbery at a college campus in the Valley during a football game.

The investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information regarding the stolen property was urged to contact Sheriff's Community College Bureau Detectives at (323) 669-7555.

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