Cool Kid seeks connection to help those in need


Brenden Ocasio volunteers at the Union Rescue Mission in downtown Los Angeles. But it was on his very first day that he learned a serious lesson about the reality faced by many people.

"This is really what life is like for some people," said Brenden. "I always thought that most everybody lived in a house or apartment and had enough money. But these people didn't really have anything."

Brenden said he feels it's important to do more than just prepare and serve food to the needy. He wants to make a connection.

"I try to make sure I smile at them, shake their hand, if their hands aren't full. And just really make them feel like they are wanted here," said Brenden.

While he's at the mission, Brenden spends a lot of time with children there and he hopes his work there serves as inspiration for them.

"I just really hope that when they hopefully aren't back at the Mission when they're older, that they come back to the Union and help out other little kids," said Brenden.

Helping people at the Mission is something Brenden really takes to heart, but he also sees how doing good can have a ripple effect.

"I just think that if I can help one person or a thousand people, that one person can go on and tell a thousand people. They can help me help other people," said Brenden.

It's a big goal, but Cool Kid Brenden Ocasio is doing his part one person at a time.

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