Malibu High's preliminary test results show no health hazard from mold

MALIBU, Calif.

Students have been moved from some classrooms because of contamination concerns after some teachers reported they had gotten sick.

According to the report released on Friday, classrooms 2, 3, 10 and 14 have similar levels of mold found outdoors with no unusual findings. The testing showed no sign of a hidden source of mold.

It also found the building can continue to be occupied and shows no pose of a health hazard from mold.

School officials say they're planning to relocate three more classes starting on Monday. The Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District began relocating classes on Wednesday. Two music classes were moved to Malibu Methodist Church and a third to the Malibu Boys and Girls Club.

Earlier this week, parent groups demanded that classes be relocated from a building that some teachers suspect has caused incidents of cancer, migraines and other serious illnesses.

Three teachers at the school have thyroid cancer and one has bladder cancer. Also, one-third of the school's teachers have complained about recent construction and moldy classrooms causing serious health problems.

In 2010, the district removed 1,000 cubic yards of dirt after it tested positive for carcinogens, lead and pesticides. When asked if parents and teachers were informed at the time, Superintendent Sandra Lyon says the district went through the standard protocol. But many parents say they didn't know.

The district maintains the campus is safe but has hired an environmental testing company to investigate concerns about contamination.

Testing began Sept. 20, according to a district memo sent to staff. Some of the results could come as early as sometime Friday.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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