Pasadena boy dubs himself 'America's Youngest Picker'


He's not just any third grader. Eight-year-old Connor McCrory has dubbed himself "America's Youngest Picker." Those are the folks who scour garage sales, flea markets and estate sales for hidden treasure.

The Pasadena boy has already started his own company: Estate Sales by Connor.

"I'm the boss, so I'm usually walking around, so basically digging through it, seeing all of it, pricing it and then selling it," he said.

Connor's mom says he took a liking to garage sales when he was about 5 years old and started learning how to find bargains by watching TV shows and reading books about estate sales.

But pricing items is just half of the job of running an estate sale. The other half is haggling, and Connor does not shy away from that.

When asked what his secret is, Connor said he doesn't budge.

"But when they stop begging you, you budge," he added.

Now, being an 8-year-old does have some drawbacks. The receipt for a spoon sale may have a typo or two, and math can add up to a challenge.

"He naturally knows how to negotiate," said Aime McCrory, Connor's mom. "He loves old things, and he loves people, and it just seems to be like his calling."

A calling that has him on a tear and hoping for one of those million dollar garage sale finds.

"That's never gonna happen!" Connor said.

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