Southeast Ventura County residents complain of area house fly infestation


Moorpark resident Larry Howard says for months now flies have swarmed his home and his main defense has been saturating his residence with bug spray and using flytraps. He says in the 20 years he has lived in the area he has never been pestered by so many flies.

"It's terrible. Flies carry diseases. You live around them all your life, but not like this," said Howard.

Howard's wife, Sandy, says the flies come and go depending on how windy it is. She says her grandchildren have had it with flies in her back yard.

Moorpark city officials say they started getting calls from residents complaining about flies this spring.

"From talking to residents that have been here for a long time, they are saying it's the worst they've seen it. We can tell that the flies are definitely house flies," said Vector Control specialist Mark Westerline.

Officials say they do not believe the flies are coming from a landfill located between Moorpark and Simi Valley, and while agriculture is big in Ventura County they have yet to pin down where the flies are coming from.

"We've contacted the county outside of our jurisdiction to look into some larger potential sources for flies to see what they could find," said Westerline.

Moorpark resident James Vanaken says flies have taken the fun out of enjoying his back yard.

"We've tried to throw some parties at the house outside, can't do it, they are just all over us," said Vanaken.

"They are all on the sliding glass door and on the screen when you open the door they come in," said Moorpark resident Kristine Detwiler.

Officials say once they figure out where the flies are coming from they can figure out how to get rid of them.

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