Santa Fe Springs public hearing over foul odor


Residents who live near the ridgeline energy services facility in Santa Fe Springs testified before the South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD).

The AQMD has received more than 300 complaints of the odor coming from the Ridgeline Energy Services facility over the last year. Nearly 200 complaints were made by local residents on one day in July.

Residents say they are experienced health effects.

AQMD inspectors said some tanks on the facility have holes from which the odor escapes. Monday the city released a statement saying the company was attempting to change the pH level in the tank to mitigate the smell from the chemical interactions inside the tank.

Ridgeline has been cited numerous times for not making the repairs in a timely manner.

The company's attorney said it is doing the best it can to repair the tanks in compliance with AQMD standards.

Residents want to see the facility closed. AQMD is looking at what can be done to repair and clean up the tanks safely.

"The way to eliminate these odors ultimately is to empty these tanks of the wastewater in the tanks, and that's been our goal," said Ridgeline attorney Albert Cohen.

The AQMD board will continue meeting Thursday to decide what action to take.

Ridgeline has indicated it wants to tear down the tanks. The challenge is finding a way to do it without literally raising a stink in the community.

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