Cool Kid prepares for career in medicine


Cool Kid Andrew Lozano has a lot on his plate. He was named trainer for the sports teams at Palmdale High School. But he takes it all in stride and sees it's part of a bigger plan.

"Knowing that eventually where it's going to take me to actually become a doctor in the future," says Andrew.

Andrew also has an internship with a family practice where he helps with the younger patients. He feels it helps teach him how to deal with a wide variety of situations in the future.

"With both patients you have to listen. Even with little kids, they might not be telling you exactly what's wrong. But you have to listen to how they're reacting. And with the athletes you have to listen to what they're saying, how they're reacting."

There are those who can see Andrew being the kind of doctor he wants to be.

"Having empathy for patients and understanding the pain that they are in and wanting to get better and realizing that if he was in that position or someone in his family was in that position, he'd want to be best for them," says teacher Angela Hefter.

As Andrew prepares for a career in medicine, he looks forward to the day when his skills will help those who need him.

"Just being happy that you're the one to help them," says Andrew. "And that the skills and everything you learned, you were able to help them, it will be a great feeling."

Andrew Lozano is a Cool Kid helping people now and hoping to heal many others in the future.

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