Cal State Northridge bathroom peeper at large


So far, two cases have been reported of a male suspect taking pictures of women in a first-floor bathroom in Bayramian Hall. The most recent incident happened Wednesday night.

Police say the victim was in a bathroom stall when the suspect reached over the door and snapped a picture with a cellphone. The victim did not see the suspect's face, but she reported that he was wearing a green shirt, dark jeans and black skater-style shoes.

A similar incident was reported on the evening of Sept. 16. Police say a female victim saw a white male with blond hair and red clothing reach over a bathroom stall door and snap a photo with a phone that had a white plastic case.

Police have no solid description of the suspect, but they are warning women to be on the lookout.

"I think it's creepy. It's weird," said CSUN student Kaeena Cox. "We're supposed to go to school, be safe, and now we have to be even more weary of what we're doing, and it kind of puts a damper on our educational process."

Female students say they are concerned, especially since earlier this month police issued an alert for a potential sexual predator after investigators say a suspect got into a woman's dorm room and touched her leg before fleeing.

The suspect may also be connected to a series of incidents in which women were cornered by four suspects who made sexual comments and tried to grab them before they escaped.

"For the past three weeks there have been warnings everywhere about the attacks in the dorms, and now it's everywhere basically," said CSUN student Phyllis Cheond.

Police are looking for more possible victims of the bathroom Peeping Tom. If you have any information, you're urged to call campus police at (818) 677-3826 or (818) 677-3901.

City News Service contributed to this report.

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