LAX dry ice explosions: 2nd worker pleads not guilty


Miguel Iniguez, 41, pleaded not guilty at his arraignment. Iniquez worked as a supervisor for Servisair, an aircraft service contractor, and was the boss of the first suspect arrested, Dicarlo Bennett. Like Bennett, Iniquez's record was clean until now.

"He had no disciplinary problems, no problems at work, a clean record at work, and no criminal history whatsoever," said defense attorney Gustavo Barcena.

Prosecutors say the devices, made from dry ice in a plastic bottle, are destructive. Videos posted on YouTube show how they pressurize and rupture.

The complaint says that Dicarlo made two of them. One exploded and the other didn't, but both are felonies because they were placed in a "public place ordinarily passed by human beings."

Iniquez allegedly placed a device on a tug, which is used to move a jetliner. Prosecutors say that's a felony for putting it near an aircraft carrying passengers.

The district attorney says the motive appears to be amusement with no intent to cause injury or make a political statement.

"The FBI had a chance to investigate a little bit. They didn't see it was worth their time," said Barcena.

The potential penalties, if convicted, are a minimum of two years behind bars, no probation. Iniquez's attorney says imprisonment would be especially harsh on the father of four, who is the sole breadwinner. He has also been through some major surgery.

"He had a kidney transplant several years ago. He takes daily medication, so obviously he is not doing very well," said Barcena.

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