Rose Parade theft: Wells Fargo donates $5K


The La Canada Tournament of Roses Association was robbed of nearly $8,000 worth of equipment from their construction site earlier this month. The stolen items include extension cords, welding cables, insulated copper and bolt cutters.

Officials believe the thieves may have cut through a fence at a nearby school to access the normally gated site. Investigators say the copper wiring was likely the target of the heist.

In addition to the Wells Fargo gift, the organization says it has also received about $2,000 in donations.

If you would like to donate, visit

The association's float is titled "Dog Gone," and is designed to show a group of dogs stealing a dog-catcher's truck. The parade's theme is "Dreams Come True."

About 15 years ago, welding equipment was also stolen from the organization. Organizers say they're an easy target because they are the only Rose Parade float that is being built completely outdoors.

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