Cool Kid helps others by sharing her love of horses


"We'll take them and we'll teach them horsemanship skills from the ground up. We'll teach them everything from picking hooves and saddling to riding and more advanced horsemanship," Bridgett explained.

Whether it is depression, bullying or any other issues, Bridgett says learning to care for a horse can help by providing validation and unconditional love.

"I love how horses help people through their tough times, and I enjoy helping people through horses with their tough times also," said Bridgett.

The horse riding skills that children learn can really help in everyday life.

"On the horse, you have to be alert and paying attention to what's going on with the horse. So it will teach you to pay attention, to focus," Bridgett said.

Tough days at school or at home are turned around when Bridgett's horse riders show up.

"It gives them things to look forward to, and when you're in a down state, horses just cheer you up," she said.

That connection between humans and taking care of animals can truly be healing. Bridgett is a Cool Kid who makes that connection happen, and she's a great inspiration to many young people.

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