MySupermarket website offers one-stop shopping


"I think this is the best product I've seen so far that is actually so efficient in getting me my products on time and for the best price," said Sharon Rechter, co-founder and executive vice president of the BabyFirstTV network.

As a busy working mom, Rechter uses to save time and money when shopping for groceries.

MySupermarket originally launched in the United Kingdom in 2006 to help consumers comparison shop at multiple online stores. The company saw great success and launched the website for the United States market in 2013.

"We thought that there's got to be a better way to help consumers find the best price," said Suzanne Kuhl, director of marketing at "So MySupermarket brings in all of the products that you can expect to find in a grocery store or drugstore and finds the best price."

MySupermarket searches the websites of eight different online retailers such as Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target and even Costco, and then puts all of your purchases together for one single checkout.

"I don't have to get everything at one store," said Rechter. "They do the shopping cart for me, I find the products I want, then they split it up between whatever store would get me that specific product cheaper."

The site also "watches your back while you shop" and offers "Swap and Save" suggestions when available. The feature lets you know if you can save money by swapping for a different size or similar product.

"If for some reason you've chosen an item that actually doesn't offer the best value, we'll prompt you with our 'Swap and Save' feature, which will pop up to say there's an opportunity to save more if you chose a different pack size of the same item or a comparable brand," said Kuhl. "So that's a great way to bring savings to your attention."

Along with that there's free shipping, usually in two to three days, if the consumer spends $75 or more.

"After you've finished shopping on our site, you'll check out and we will figure out how to optimize your cart so we can get you the lowest product prices and free shipping," said Kuhl.

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