Water-main break floods Tarzana neighborhood


In just minutes, water flooded the yards of homes and streets near the intersection of Topeka and Brewster drives.

Officials say around 6:15 p.m., a water main broke in front of a home under construction. The yards of six homes were flooded.

"I do know this area has a significant water pressure in it, so for the amount of time we were here for 30 minutes a lot of water flowed down the street," said LAFD Battalion Chief Brian Schultz.

A home on a corner took the brunt of the damage. Water building up by a surrounding wall was acting like a dam, causing water to flow into other yards. That home suffered some interior damage.

A backyard swimming pool was left filled with dark, muddy water. Sam Velashjer and his family, who live next door, say their house is fine but a portion of the backyard is under at least 4 feet of water.

"Our yard was like filled with water and there's like a big lake back there," said Rose Velashjer.

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