Rain, strong winds move into Southern California

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Light rain fell across the Southland overnight, and some areas got showers as the day went on. The rain was expected to last through Tuesday.

Wind was the other big component to this weather system. Wind advisories were in effect until 9 p.m. for L.A. and Inland Empire mountains. The Antelope Valley saw some gusts as well.

Overnight in Palmdale, the howling wind uprooted a 60-year-old, 60-foot tree, which knocked over a fence and landed on Karyn Vandehey's SUV.

"I was just, 'Oh My God! Oh My God! The tree, the tree!'" Vandehey said, recalling first words when she saw the mess in her front yard.

The tree collapsed around 1 a.m. Mother Nature was blowing up a dust storm at the time, creating low visibility for motorists in Palmdale. It was also a bit chilly.

"From all these huge, big chunks you can see, I was expecting to see more damage to the car. I'm really surprised it was just the windshield," Vandehey said.

Vandehey's landlord made arrangements for the tree to be removed.

People in the Inland Empire also ran into problems. In Fontana, a heavy downpour drenched much of the area, causing some minor street flooding. By late afternoon, a steady drizzle kept things damp and cold in the Cajon Pass.

Victorville resident George Gomez said the wet weather cut his day shorter than he wanted.

"It's cold, it's windy. I actually don't like it because I can't work. I work down the hill, and it kind of rained, so I had to stop work early," he said.

For others, the chilly weather was a welcome break from last week's 80 degree temperatures.

"I love the winter, so I am excited for it to be cold. I was tired of the hot," said Breanna Green of Corona.

Green admits getting up to the High Desert was not so pleasant. Rain-slicked roadways made the drive a bit treacherous in spots along with strong gusts.

"It was kind of scary a little bit. It was really windy, and as you can see it's super windy here," she said.

It was so windy that you could hear it whistling through the trees. The strong gusts had trees swaying and flags flapping. Despite sunny skies, the cold snap caught some locals off guard.

"I thought it was going to be warm because it's usually cold but warm in the afternoon," said Molonai Longin of Adelanto.

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