Fusion: ABC, Univision team up to launch new cable TV network


Fusion promises to be a unique mix of news, lifestyle and comedic shows with a fun new twist. The first-of-its-kind channel will be reaching out to 18- to 34-year-old viewers - the so-called Millennials.

"We are going to present content that we think speaks directly to a Millennial audience," said Mark Lima, Fusion's vice president of news. "We want to infuse humor into almost everything we do, and we want to be smart and informative and kind of break some of the conventions of traditional television news and information presentation."

But the network has chosen a more conventional host for its evening news program - respected Univision veteran anchor Jorge Ramos.

The style and topics will be geared toward a younger audience, including on the morning show. The hosts shared their excitement on Good Morning America Monday morning.

"It's a morning show for a new generation of Hispanics who speak English and for their friends," one host said.

"I think it's going to be a place that people are going to want to be," said Lima.

The network will reach 1 million homes nationwide and launched Monday evening with an exclusive interview with President Barack Obama.

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