Pet pig faces eviction from Seal Beach home


Madonna Grimsley is battling stage IV cancer but can't help but smile when she's around "Bubba." The pot-bellied pig has been part of her family for four years.

"He's like a little kid. He's like my little joy," said Grimsley.

Bubba weighs in at 235 pounds and still lives inside Grimsley's Seal Beach apartment.

"This is a family pet. He's like the dog or somebody's cat," said Grimsley.

But Bubba may have to leave after the City Council voted to ban pigs of any size within the city. The previous ordinance prohibited hogs weighing more than 120 pounds.

"Over the past nine months, the city has received numerous complaints regarding odors and smell and noise," said Jim Basham, Seal Beach director of community development.

Grimsley says she picks up after Bubba.

"I say, 'No, he's a pig. He sleeps most of the day. I'm very vigilant about picking up his and my dogs' waste,'" said Grimsley.

Other residents think time could be better spent on something more important than a pig.

"I have no problem with the pig," said one neighbor.

Grimsley admits she's ignored citations by animal control because she believes Bubba should be exempt from the ordinance.

"He's an exotic pet. He's not a farm animal," said Grimsley.

She says Bubba helps her stay positive.

"We understand there's a great deal of sensitivity in having any animal as a pet. The city of Seal Beach, along with animal control, is going to work with the resident to find the animal a new home," said Basham.

The Grimsleys say they may take legal action if that's what it takes to keep Bubba. The City Council will take a final vote in two weeks.

"It would just break my heart if I had to get rid of him," said Grimsley.

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