LAX shooting: Things returning to normal


The victims were identified as James Speer, 54, and Tony Grigsby, 36. Both officers have been released from the hospital and are now at home recovering from their injuries.

Speer joined TSA in May 2008 and Grigsby joined the agency in December 2004.

The airport was put on a ground stop after Friday's shooting, interrupting an estimated 1,500 flights and affecting thousands of passengers all over the country. Terminal 3, the site of the deadly shooting, was reopened Saturday.

For many passengers, this is the first time they are getting on a plane to head home, and many are calling for security changes at major airports around the country.

"I think they should have some kind of metal detectors at the doors here, I think that would just stop a lot of this," said Bobby Eisman of Fort Lauderdale, Fla. "Or have somebody down here as people enter, and if somebody looks suspicious or is carrying some kind of bag, you've got to do something at the doors."

Suspected gunman Paul Ciancia, 23, of New Jersey, was shot by two airport police officers and arrested for the crime. Federal prosecutors filed charges against Ciancia on Saturday. He remains hospitalized.

According to the FBI, Ciancia pulled an assault rifle out of his bag and fired multiple rounds at point-blank range, killing Gerardo Hernandez, 39, a transportation safety officer with the TSA.

Speer, Grigsby, and a third patient were taken to Harbor UCLA Medical Center following the incident but have since been released. A fourth victim and the suspected gunmen remain hospitalized at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

Authorities say a note from Ciancia was found.

"We did recover a note at the crime scene. In that note, he indicated his anger and his malice, I would say, toward the TSA officers," said David Bowdich with the FBI.

On Sunday, coroners confirmed Hernandez's cause of death was multiple gun shot wounds. Officials said his body was released to his family Saturday.

Flowers now sit in Terminal 3, where Hernandez was shot, and colleagues are wearing black bands on their badges. Hernandez is the first TSA agent to die in the line of duty.

Anyone with information, photos or videos of the shooting at LAX is asked to call the FBI Los Angeles tip line at (888) 226-8443 or visit

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