Hemet woman uses tomahawk to scare off burglars

HEMET, Calif.

Robin Irvine is not a woman to mess with. The Hemet resident says she's angry that break-ins and vandalism in her neighborhood have been going on for too long.

Early Saturday morning, Irvine found two men quietly moving through her home. She said one of them tried grabbing her watch.

"It scared me seeing my watch, feeling my watch move. It was sheer panic," Irvine said.

Irvine responded with shock and awe because she was wearing the watch the man was trying to steal.

"I sat right up and screamed at the top of my lungs," she said.

But Irvine's ear-splitting scream is nothing compared to her head-splitting tomahawk, which she keeps bedside.

"Usually when I throw, I have to get the balance on it. It's pretty old. She's even wiggly," Irvine said.

Irvine used to be an expert tomahawk thrower. So when she grabbed her axe, Irvine says it could have been easy target practice.

"I could've thrown it; put it right in his spine. But I couldn't do it. It's in my training. I couldn't do it," she said.

Fortunately for the two men, she didn't have to because they ran. Irvine called 911, and police say they caught one of them, 22-year-old Nicholas Ulloa, in a bush. He now faces first-degree burglary charges. The other suspect is still on the loose, but he needs to know there's a woman who's got an axe to grind with him.

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