Cop body cameras record confrontation with football player


The video from Florida, which comes from a tiny camera that officers wear on their lapels, gives us a first-hand look at what happened when officers were confronted by a former football star who was holding a butcher knife to his girlfriend's throat. The video is graphic, and it could be disturbing to some viewers.

When the door flew open, officers saw Germaine Green holding a butcher knife to his girlfriend's throat. In the video, you can clearly see Green dragging the woman into a bedroom. What happened next was captured in its entirety by the officer's body cameras.

Green was a football star in Florida. The 32-year-old was drafted by the New York Giants but never actually played in the NFL.

He was shot four times in the leg and one time in the stomach, but survived. The woman suffered a minor wound to her arm.

The shooting happened in September but the video was just released by Florida authorities. Body cams like these will be hitting the streets of Los Angeles this month.

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