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OTRC: Jim Carrey talks 'Dumb and Dumber 2,' kids' book: 5 questions

Jim Carrey spoke to OTRC.com about his new children's book and filming 'Dumb and Dumber: To.'

Jim Carrey brings his creative vision to new life through his new children's book, "How Roland Rolls."

Carrey, who is currently in production on the highly-anticipated sequel to the 1994 comedy classic "Dumb and Dumber" with Jeff Daniels, spoke to OTRC.com about his new children's book, what inspires him creatively outside of acting and what filming "Dumb and Dumber: To" has been like.

Check out Carrey's interview with OTRC.com in the videos above and check out five questions below.

1. What made you say, 'I want to put pen to paper and write a children's book?

"I like tackling. Tackling's my favorite thing. You know, you're given these ideas from the universe, like a lightning bolt and you go, 'I got to be a custodian. Got to write it down, jot it down, make it into something, throw it out there for them to see.'

"This is about oneness. This is about 'interconnectiveness.' This is about how we're all one thing, basically and I can feel everything. We're all one thing. So that's what the book's about, it's about kind of reminding us of our larger selves."

2. Were there any challenges in writing this book?

"I wanted to be nondenominational, I don't want to be hitting people over the heads with my beliefs or anything like that, but I think everybody agrees at this point that we're kind of one thing and one energy. I look at the world as kind of a field of energy that's responsible for endless variety of forms and possibilities. So we're really just consciousness dancing for itself."

3. What has filming "Dumb and Dumber: To" been like so far?

"We're having so much fun. It's like, more fun than it was before. We're just having a blast, so everybody's getting back into the stuff and it just feels so good to have a character that only wears one thing all the time. Makes things real easy. It's great."

"Jeff and I are having a blast and the Farrelly brothers are nuts. They're completely insane and you look around and everybody's the same, the whole crew -- they just drag everybody along. It's like the caravan of fun. It's cool."

4. What inspired you to take off the cap on your tooth?

"When I first did 'Dumb and Dumber,' I was shocked by the amount of money that I was making. So I didn't want to get safe, as an artist, so I took my Bic lighter and I popped out my bonding and cut my head with a bowl cut and the producers came. I didn't really ask anybody about it. I just did it. They came to my door and I said, 'Hi!' And they were like, 'Wait a second, you're not supposed to.' They liked it immediately.

5. Where else can we see Jim Carrey after this book and "Dumb and Dumber: To?"

"Well, I'm going to reveal my sculptures and art at some point. That'll be interesting. I did kind of bury myself for a while. People were like, 'Where are you? What's going on? Why is he painting on walls?'"

"This weird four-year renaissance that just struck me out of nowhere and when I went to do the penguin movie and I was up all night and covered in paint and pulling ceiling tiles out of my dressing room ceiling and painting on them, I kind of went mad. So there's that, and there's other movies."

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